Thomas Jane stars in Relativity Media's "Before I Wake". Photo: Courtesy of Relativity Media Copyright: © 2014 QNO, LLC

Trailer: Before I Wake Brings Nightmares to Life

The Nightmare on Elm Street franchise is based on the idea that having bad dreams can kill you. Relativity Studios’ upcoming release, Before I Wake, flips this concept on its head with chilling effectivity. Meet Cody (Jacob Tremblay), a creepy kid with the unique ability to manifest his dreams in the real world. Unfortunately, this goes for nightmares as well, and while Cody remains locked in slumber, those around him are left to battle the unrelenting fears of a child’s mind.

Before I Wake looks to be a trifecta for writer/director Mike Flanagan who’s shot to prominence on the successes of Oculus and Hush. Look for it in theaters on September 9th. The film stars Jacob Tremblay, Kate Bosworth, and Thomas Jane.

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