Trailer Review: ‘The Swerve’ (2020), Psychological Thriller

The Swerve is an upcoming psychological thriller from writer and director Dean Kapsails (Jigsaw Venus). The film stars Azura Skye (One Missed Call) and Bryce Pinkham (The Good Wife). The movie is being released on major video-on-demand platforms on September 22, 2020 from Epic Pictures.

The film made its world premiere in 2019 at the Cinepocalypse Film Festival and screened at the Panic Film Festival. Azura Skye won both awards for best actress.

The movie centers on Holly, played by Skye, who is a mother, wife, and teacher. Just by looking at her, she looks like she has it all, the perfect life. However, she’s suffering on the inside. Insomnia has taken over her life, making it difficult for her to live. Her life soon spirals out of control thanks to the lack of sleep, and a dark secret starts to weigh on her.

As the trailer goes on, we see Holly’s eyes become red. And Her demeanor slowly changes and does a great job at showing her anguish in such a short time. Clocking in at two minutes, the trailer of the film does a great job at building up the dread, first by showing her “incredible” life. Then taking a drastic turn into darkness. The film is another horror film with a mental illness undertone.

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