Trailer Released For Tory Jones’ ‘Wicked Ones’

I’ve been a fan of Filmmaker Tory Jones’ The Wicked One since reviewing it back in 2017 (check out my review here). I’ve been anxiously awaiting a sequel for years, and it’s finally almost here. Jones just dropped a trailer for Wicked Ones, the long awaited much anticipated sequel to The Wicked One. Check it out!


While returning to Carpenter Falls, the Lawson family will come to their final confrontation with The Wicked One, a serial killer with whom their last encounter has haunted them for a decade.

The sequel takes place a decade after the original and is dealing with the themes of not only generational trauma but how two young children tap into the darkness that possessed the character of The Wicked One. Dale Miller, Katie Stewart, James Tackett, and Nicholas Patten return to their roles of Adam, Alex, Burke, and Young Colin Miller from the original film. They are joined by Jason Crowe, Roni Jonah, Morgan Pyle, Skyler Guthrie, Brandi Botkin, and Richard Hunt taking over the role of The Wicked One.

The film is produced by Jonestown Films and Studio 605 Films and written by Nathan Thomas Milliner and Tory Jones. Roman Jossart returns as cinematographer from the first film and Tory Jones returns as director.

The new film ties up the story established in the first while building on its events in just about every way. This is completion of the vision and The Wicked One narrative.

I was already excited for Wicked Ones, but after seeing the trailer, I’m even more excited. I loved Katie Stewart and Dale Miller in The Wicked One and it’s a joy to see they are reprising their roles in the sequel. I honestly can’t wait. What did you think of the Wicked Ones trailer? Are you excited for the film? Let us know!

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