Trailer and Poster for Upcoming Horror Comedy ‘Wrightwood’

Wrightwood is an upcoming horror-comedy short that we’re dying to check out. It has an awesome killer cast and crew and we’re loving this trailer. Check out all the information down below!

This film was directed by Skyler Caleb and Daniel Weiss. The cast includes Skyler Caleb, Rachel Amanda Bryant, Steve Moulton, Daniel Weiss, Charlene Weiss, and Joseph Martinez. It was also produced by Rachel Amanda Bryant, Skyler Caleb, Charlene Weiss, Daniel Weiss, and Wes Weitzenhoffer.

Logline for Wrightwood

Scott is hoping for a relaxing weekend, but finds his friends exhibiting bizarre behavior that is either an endless prank or something more disturbing.

Director Bio:

Skyler Caleb has written and produced the feature films Waking (2013) “Awaken the Shadowman (2017) and directed a variety of short films. Daniel Weiss (The People vs. OJ Simpson, Spearhead Effect, Trafficked) is primarily an actor and writer, and Wrightwood is his directorial debut with Caleb.

Caleb’s upcoming projects include the horror feature (Spearfinger) with Anthony Zuiker, who created the mega-popular CSI franchise.


Director Statement:

We’ve always been a fan of those what-if Twilight Zone-style concepts, and this premise was inspired by a real trip we took to the woods with friends. What if you showed up late and everyone was acting really strange? We wanted to make a film that started out feeling almost like a sitcom but gradually became terrifying.

Producer Information:

Rachel Amanda Bryant has produced and starred in The After Party and Jet Set LA, both of which have won awards and screened at numerous festivals all over the world. Primarily an actor, she recently received rave reviews for her leading role in DeathDay and her large supporting role in the Lifetime movie In Bed with a Killer. She just shot a role opposite Jennifer Garner in the new film Yes Day for Netflix and a role in the new gritty drama feature bUMS.

About Tori Danielle

Tori has had a passion for Horror and music ever since she was a little girl. She got bit by the writing bug in high school where she was involved in both the school newspaper and the yearbook. While getting her Bachelors degree, she took Journalism and Creative Writing classes where her passion grew even stronger. Now, in between work and family, she spends all of her spare time indulging in music, Horror movies, and nerdy fandoms, all while running/assisting one of the biggest Horror groups on Facebook and writing for various websites.

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