Top 10 Female Villains In Horror Movies

In honor of Women In Horror Month 2019, we at PopHorror have created a list of Top 10 Female Villains In Horror Movies. Over the years in the horror world, women have gained more and more of the recognition they deserve. Today we are tipping our hats to Top 10 Female Villains In Horror Movies by looking back from classics to modern day. So, sit back and enjoy the list!

Top 10 Female Villains In Horror Movies

10) Evelyn

Actress: Jessica Walter

Film: Play Misty For Me (1971)

Kill Count: 1

Reason: Evelyn made it on to this list because she’s a woman who won’t give up easily. Whether she’s emotionally manipulating Dave (Clint Eastwood) by attempting suicide, or breaking into his home and attempting to kill his housekeeper, or finally kidnapping Dave’s girlfriend, Tobie (Donna Mills), she’s one female villain we don’t want to mess with.


9)  Angela Baker

Actress: Felissa Rose

Films: Sleepaway Camp franchise

Kill Count: 56

Reason: Adding Angela is a no brainer. First, there’s her body count, which is the highest on the list, and there’s also the fact that she kills her victims in any way she chooses, whether it’s in a boiling vat of water, getting stung multiple times by bees, being set on fire and burned alive, or getting their head shredded by a lawnmower. We here at PopHorror can safely say we will pass on going to camp with this lady.


8)  Mrs. Voorhees

Actress: Betsy Palmer

Film: Friday The 13th franchise

Kill Count: 10

Reason: Mrs. Voorhees not only wound up on list for having the second highest body count out of our deadly ladies, but also because a mother’s love for her son never dies, and if you let him drown, you best believe that you won’t be getting lucky tonight without getting stabbed through the throat with an arrow… poor Kevin Bacon. We learned that maybe you should just do your job and watch the kids at camp.


7) Asa Vajda

Actress: Barbara Steele

Film: Black Sunday (1960)

Kill Count: ???

Reason: The very stunning Asa made the list because she shows that if you burn her at the stake for being a witch, and she vows to come back and seek revenge, you best listen to her and be ready for when she comes after you and your bloodline.


6) Margaret White

Actress: Piper Laurie

Film: Carrie (1976)

Kill Count: None. But she tried to murder her own daughter. That should count for something.

Reason: Mother of the Year made our list, despite her O body count, just for being plain crazy. Instead of teaching Carrie about what her period was and helping her make a dress for the Prom, she told her she was sinning and locked her in a closet for hours. If that wasn’t enough, she helped push her daughter to the point of burning people alive and then trying to kill her. Thanks, mom!


5) Lola Stone

Actress: Robin McLeavy

Film: The Loved Ones (2009)

Kill Count: ???

Reason: Not only do we not know how many people she killed, but this Prom Queen wannabe also kidnapped poor Brent (Xavier Samuel) and did horrible things to him… including injecting a needle full of bleach into his throat so he couldn’t scream. This makes her evil enough to make our top 10.


4) Mrs. Mott aka Peyton Flanders

Actress: Rebecca De Mornay

Film: The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (1992)

Kill Count: 1 but more attempted

Reason: Mrs. Mott – or Peyton, as we now know her – may have gone through a lot, like losing her husband to suicide after he was accused of sexualy assaulting his patients, losing all her money and her son, but that doesn’t give her the right to work as a nanny for the women who took her husband down, and try to kill her family, along with trying to steal and secretly breastfeed the baby… yeah, she did that. A great reason to be on the list. There is a thing called “therapy” but clearly she passed on that and went straight to crazy.


3) The Stranger

Actress: Béatrice Dalle

Film: Inside (À l’intérieur) (2007)

Kill Count: 6

Reason: The Stranger is on this list because she was crazy from the get go and because of the fact that she stalked and killed a mother to cut her baby out so she could keep it as her own. That is enough of a reason.


2) Jane Hudson

Actress: Bette Davis

Film: What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? (1962)

Kill Count: 1

Reason: Good old child actress Jane Hudson… what can we say, accept crippling her sister (Joan Crawford), keeping her prisoner, feeding her a dead rat, and good old fashioned psychological terror. Best sister ever!

1) Asami

Actress: Eihi Shiina

Film: Audition (1999)

Kill Count: ???

Reason: Asami… need I say more? Not only is she a mystery, but she is a pure psychopath and completely sick. She feed the poor man her own vomit, but also likes to keep body parts around like a tongue and fingers… you know, just in case you need an extra one. Oh, did I mention she sticks needles in his eyes? Yeah, and you wonder why she is number one.


Mrs. Bates\Norman Bates

Actor: Anthony Perkins

Films: Psycho franchise

Kill Count: Around 20

Reason: The fact that, even in death, a mom can still have a hold on her son as much as Mrs. Bates does really says something.

There you have it, readers! PopHorror’s Top 10 Female Villains In Horror Movies. We hope you enjoyed our fun list celebrating those crazy lady badasses! Was there anyone you’d switch around? Is there someone missing that you think should be on here? Let us know in the comments below! Happy Women In Horror Month!

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