Tom Ryan’s ‘The Theatre of Terror’ And Oscar Rojo’s ‘Omnivores’ Now Out On DVD

New on DVD from BayView Entertainment are two movies: The Theatre of Terror, directed by Tom Ryan, and Omnivores, directed by Oscar Rojo.

Theater of Terror stars Tom Ryan (Faces), Lauren Renahan (Pretty Fine Things), Heather Brittain O’Scanlon (House Broken), and Scott Gorbach (Bonding).


When Amber (Lauren Renahan) answers a call for volunteers to save a mysterious movie palace, she discovers she is too late. The landmark theatre has already closed. While there she meets the eccentric Colin (Tom Ryan) who insists on taking her for a tour of the once grand auditorium. Inside, Amber cannot resist staying to watch a few short stories. What she doesn’t realize is that these tales of terror are more than just fantasy and this theatre is more than just an old movie house.

Check out the trailer below:

Omnivores stars Angel Acero (Brutal Box), Fernando Albizu (Pan’s Labyrinth), Carina Bjorne (Contranatura), Mario de la Rosa (Hellboy), and Marta Flich (Vampyres).


A prestigious journalist accepts an undercover writing assignment addressing the recent emergence of ‘clandestine restaurants,’ one of which holds secret gatherings where diners feast on human flesh in exchange for large sums of money. What started as a simple job may just end in a bloody nightmare.

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