‘Batshit’ Filmmaker Todd Wolfson Announces YouTube Variety Show, ‘Horror Avengers,’

A few years ago, we announced a crowdfunding campaign for a film called Batsh!t from Filmmaker Todd “Killer” Wolfson, and now we’re back to say that he has now announced a new YouTube variety show called Horror Avengers. The project comes to us through Just Buried Entertainment. The hosts pick two horror icons and pit them together in battle, and then decide who would win. Check out the first episode discussing Evil Dead’s Ash Williams and Hellraiser’s Pinhead below!

Check out the press release below for more news on Horror Avengers as well as the release of Batshit.

Just Buried Entertainment News!

Firstly, I want to announce our new YouTube show Horror Avengers! The show is hosted by Matthew Diulus and myself and edited by Jeff Creller. Horror Avengers is a fun variety show where we discuss our favorite horror heroes like Ash Williams, Toxic Avenger, Gizmo, etc., and debate who would win in a battle. We then hand it over to the audience and have an online poll. The first episode will drop in early March. Subscribe to our YouTube channel today for more details.

Just Buried’s long-awaited first feature film, Batshit, is set for an October release! We are extremely thrilled to finally bring my zany story to the big screen this Fall! We will have red carpet screenings at local theaters and in the tri-state area. For more updates, head over to the Batshit page!

This summer, we will be making a Sequel/VS short film “Blitzkrieg vs Stalker”. Basically, a shared universe of our own horror characters, (think Freddy vs Jason) Billy Blitzkrieg from my first film “8-Bit Blood Bath” and the Stalker character from Shadowframe Productions will battle to the death. We will also be teaming up with Drunken Yinzer Productions for the first time to make one hell of a fun slasher comedy film!!

Also, we still have copies of our first graphic novel, Demon Prose: Warlocks of Rozlyn: Volume One, for sale over on our Big Cartel shop along with our Just Buried Crypt Boxes and other goodies!

Lastly, Just Buried Entertainment will be working on a trailer and Kickstarter for our next feature film. More bloody details down the bloody road!!! So remember to keep checking our page for more updates!

I also wanted to mention or hint at my next feature film which I’ll just say now is going to be a creature feature Christmas horror film!

Todd "Killer" Wolfson, Todd Wolfson
Todd “Killer” Wolfson

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Here’s an additional message from Filmmaker Todd Wolfson:

My name is Todd “Killer” Wolfson. I’ve always been the creative type and realized I was heavy into horror films when I was around the age of 12 and saw A Nightmare On Elm Street. The movie scared the shit out of me, and I couldn’t sleep for at least a week. But shortly after that time, I became obsessed with all things horror and dark comedy realms. I started out writing poems and short stories when I was 15 and attempted to make a graphic novel first which took many moons since I couldn’t draw myself, and I always had bad luck with finding another artist I meshed with and that was reliable. Skip to the present day, when I met Dey Correa about 5 or 6 years ago, and we hit it off. We made my first graphic novel, Demon Prose: Warlocks of Rozlyn Vol. One, together and are currently working on Vol. Two. Dey also did the Just Buried logo of our mascots of the company, Zombiesha and Zombro, and a lot of other awesome stuff.

This brings me to the film portion of this here rant. I met up with my good friends at Shadowframe Productions back in 2015 and made my first short film, 8-Bit Blood Bath, a love letter to slashers and retro gaming. That year, I also started my company Just Buried Entertainment and have been making fun low budget horror flicks until present day. I decided to make my first feature film, Batshit, back in 2018, and we are now set for an October 2021 release! Batshit is a fun, dark comedy and is my love letter to many films like Evil Dead, Beetlejuice, A Nightmare On Elm Street, etc. Batshit features everything from singing zombies to killer talking cherry pies to a zany sidekick claymation bat named Dev.

Keep it tuned to PopHorror for more news on Batshit, Horror Avengers, Demon Prose: Warlocks of Rozlyn, Just Buried and more!


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