Thriller ‘3 Lives’ Premieres On DVD And Digital Soon

From High Octane Pictures and Director Juliane Block (8 Remains 2018) comes an exciting new thriller called 3 Lives. The film stars Mhairi Calvey (Braveheart 1995), Anatole Taubman (Captain America: The First Avenger 2011), Maja-Celine Probst (8 Remains 2018), and Victor Alfieri (Angels & Demons 2009). 3 Lives will be available on DVD and digital on August 6, 2019.
Emma wakes up to find herself trapped in an abandoned bunker. She soon realizes that there are two other victims trapped with her, Ben and Jamie, whom she knows from her days in high school. Now, Ben and Jamie are Emma’s only means of escape from their savage captors, three ex-soldiers. Faced with the choice to stay in the bunker or to escape her kidnappers with the help of her former rapist and his old friend, Emma chooses the latter.
Ruthlessly, the ex-soldiers chase the group through the wilderness, all while Emma tries to find out why Ben, Jamie, and herself have been kidnapped in the first place. Slowly, matters start to spin out of control, facades start to crack and Emma has to learn who her real enemy is.
Check out the trailer below:

3 Lives looks like an action packed thriller! Are you planning on checking this movie out? Let us know in the comments below.

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