Third Window Films/Arrow Video Releasing Toshiaki Toyoda Cult Classics

Third Window Films and Arrow Video are proud to announce the first ever Blu-ray release of the Toshiaki Toyoda classic, Blue Spring. It is is a brutal tale of anarchy in high school and launched the careers of many now popular Japanese actors. The film is coming soon in a dual format Blu-ray and DVD release. Special features include director’s commentary and a making of featurette. Find it on Amazon and in the Arrow Video store on May 13th!

Blue Spring

Blue Spring (2001) Synopsis

Based on a manga by Taiyo Matsumoto, Toshiaki Toyoda’s Blue Spring is a story about high school anarchy in the long, bruised-and-battered tradition of Be-Bop Highschool and Fudoh: The New Generation. In a school surrounded by misleadingly picturesque cherry trees in full bloom, it’s the students who set the rules while uncooperative teachers are dangled from windows.

Also available through Arrow Video is the three film combo: Toshiaki Toyoda – The Early Years! This “only one of its kind” Blu-ray release includes…

Pornostar (1998) Synopsis

A young man gets off the train in the morning and wanders the business districts aimlessly. He runs across some yakuza gangsters, whom he despises, and goes on a killing spree, but soon becomes involved with a subordinate gang.

Unchain (2000) Synopsis

Documentary on the Japanese boxer Unchain Kaji, who retired from the ring at the age of 30 with an eye injury and a losing record. He then tries to start a new life as a civilian.

9 Souls (2003) Synopsis

Nine convicts escape from prison; most are convicted murders. They commandeer a van from a strip club. Their plan is to find a stash of counterfeit money that a deranged cell mate told them about, divide it, then part ways. They make it to the site where the money is supposed to be hidden, and then one by one, each seeks out the place he wants to be, a version of home, somewhere to connect. Will it end well for any of them?

Awesome! And available now. Get them while they last!

Final Thoughts

Toshiaki Toyoda fans, rejoice! The director’s films are finally getting the Blu-ray treatment they deserve… for the first time ever! You know these films are in good hands. It’s Arrow Video!

What do you think? Which of these films are you most looking forward to seeing? Tell us in the comments!

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