They’re Such A Tease! More Teaser Trailers from AHS

American Horror Story is always good at getting fans psyched up for the next seasons and with Season 6 they’ve one over and beyond to tease us! Here are more teaser trailers!

In this teaser trailer for Season 6 of American Horror Story, we see a nurse cutting down a wind chime containing several teeth with a pair of sheers. The teeth fall to the ground and we are left to wonder once again what the theme will be for this coming season.

From this teaser trailer, we see a campsite and a girl laying in the grass. A beam of light shines down on the girl, bends her back, and beams her up. Aliens?

In this teaser trailer, we see a shadow of some type of monster that is following behind a lady walking up some stairs. Any thoughts on this one?

Each new trailer and poster has fans wondering if they’re all connected or is it all just to completely throw us off? Everyone has their theories and each week brings a new one, but what will it be?

American Horror Story - Another Teaser Trailer
American Horror Story Season 6 Teaser Poster

Let us know your thoughts about what the theme for American Horror Story Season 6 will be and let’s hope they don’t keep us waiting much longer.

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