Theatrical Release Of ‘The Whistler: Origins’ Coming Soon

Uncork’d Entertainment is proud to announce the release of Gisberg Bermúdez’s (Portion 2012) new Venezuelan horror folk thriller, The Whistler: Origins (El Silbon: Origenes). The film stars Daniela Bueno (El Inca 2016), Yon Henao Calderon (Paquete #3 2015), Eliane Chipia (The Deserter 2015), Fernando Gaviria (Lord of the Skies 2013) and newcomer Vladimir Garcia. The Whistler: Origins (El Silbon: Origenes) will be out in theaters on Friday, September 6, 2019, at the Laemmle Theaters in Los Angeles, followed by other U.S. cities. It will have a VOD release later in the fall.


The Whistler refers to a phantasmagorical folk figure who wanders at night and is famed for terrorizing the drunk, the unfaithful and children, whom he’s known to feast upon. In Bermúdez’s gripping retelling of this popular Venezuelan-Colombian legend, it’s a race against the clock as a father struggles to find the origins of The Whistler’s curse in order to stop the worsening possession of his daughter by the supernatural entity.

Check out the trailer below:

Are you planning on checking out The Whistler? Have you ever heard of this legend? Let us know in the comments below.

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