Kyu-Jang Cho’s ‘The Witness’ (2018) Is Now Available On DVD

Bayview Entertainment has released a new thriller directed by Kyu-Jang Cho called The Witness (2018). The film stars Sung-min Lee (The Spy Gone North 2018), Sang-ho Kim (Moby Dick 2011), and Kung Jin (The Wailing 2016). It’s available now on DVD.


Three years ago, police academy recruit Xiao Xing (Yang Mi) lost her eyesight in a car accident that also took her brother’s life. Now, having left the academy, Xiao Xing lives with the pain inside and the darkness outside. When she is involved in another car accident, her former police training allows her to deduce that the driver had kidnapped the injured victim and fled the scene. After calling the police, Xiao connects with officer Lu Li (Wang Jingchun) who believes the circumstances mirror an unsolved string of disappearances. But when another witness, Lin Chong (Lu Han), steps forward and offers a contradictory account of this latest accident, the investigation turns back to Xiao Xing.

Check out the trailer below:

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