The Video Nasties

Horror-Synth Band ‘The Video Nasties’ Release Debut Album

The Video Nasties are a horror-synth band based in Phoenix, Arizona. They’ve just sent word that they’ve released their debut album, We Are The Video Nasties. The album features 10 synth-soaked aural nightmares for your Halloween listening pleasure. 
Walking the line between new wave and synthwave, the band describe themselves as “a Frankenstein-esque meld of Oingo Boingo and John Carpenter.” The band prides themselves in songs reflective of the 1980s horror films on which they were raised.
Wanna know more? Read on for all the details!
The Video Nasties

We Are The Video Nasties Album Details From The Band

Akin to walking through the horror section at a video store of yesteryear, We Are The Video Nasties includes songs directly inspired by such cult classics as From Beyond, TerrorVision, and Deadtime Stories (in collaboration with director Jeffrey Delman), in addition to their own original tales of terror.
“We’re two horror geeks who consumed too many ’80s horror films as impressionable youth and find ourselves now compelled to recreate the synth-based spooky melodies of the period,” explains Burning, who is also a film composer. The result is macabre yet often tongue-in-cheek.
Here’s a look at their new album cover…
We Are The Video Nasties

Track Listing

1. Terror Vision
2. Bedtime Tales (“Deadtime Stories” cover)
3. Bag of Bones
4. The Jackling Horde
5. Don’t Open the Doorway
6. Disciples of the Plastic Mask
7. Eat Your Humanity
8. My Darling Frankenstein
9. Forward from Beyond
10. Season’s Ending
Great stuff! You can definitely feel the John Carpenter influence. What do you think? Are you in the mood for some Halloween themed synth horror music to set the mood this spooky season? Will you snag a copy of The Video Nasties debut album? Tell us in the comments!

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