Things get wet in Michael Wong's new horror short, The Tattooist.

‘The Tattooist’ Might Make You Reconsider That Impulsive Shoulder Butterfly

Settling into the tattooist chair requires trust, and Michael Wong (The Story of 90 Coins 2015) wants to shatter that vulnerability with his new horror short, The Tattooist. Filmmaker Michael Wong wants to do for tattoo couches what Hitchcock’s Psycho (1960) did for shower stalls. PopHorror recently got hold of its rather stylish short. Check it out!

I’m always drawn to trailers that lack dialogue. This immediately adds mystery to the experience, and simply makes you think a little harder about what you’re viewing. This, combined with a sense of unsettling, jaunty glee, made me interested enough to watch the full short. Fun, happy music playing over bloody torture is always unsettling for sure.

Looks like our nameless body artist (Yanhu Wang) is a perfectionist at both laying down the ink AND drugging and caging his customers. Given this obviously terrible business model, we can only assume he’s consumed by something greater than money.

She’s gonna write one hell of a Yelp review! Another customer gets drugged and held captive in the horror short The Tattooist.

I especially liked how the short closes in on the tattooist dancing weirdly to up-tempo music. I’m pretty sure THIS villain isn’t going to fall into the sympathetic category. So what’s this needle-bearing maniac’s endgame? We may never know.

And stay out of strange tattoo shops.

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