The Return Of Adam Green’s Scary Sleepover

Adam Green and the team over at ArieScope Pictures have brought tons of free content over the years to horror fans with episodes of 20 Seconds to Live, Horrified and the beloved Scary Sleepover, which was by far my favorite offering. Scary Sleepover and all its glory was a series of short segments featuring Green hosting a variety of guests in the relaxed atmosphere of ArieScope. Some of these guests included Danielle Harris, Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley, Felissa Rose and so many more. Everyone gets in their pj’s, eats pizza and junk food, watches horror movies, chats it up, cracks jokes – but then there are some episodes that dive deeper, namely the ones with Tony Todd (Season 2, Episode 1) and the late, great Sid Haig (Season 1, Episode 6) and even Kane getting rather personal in the very first show. And in times like these, I would very much appreciate more of something like this, that celebrates horror in such a heartfelt way. 

scary sleepover

Recently, Green shared with fans that team ArieScope would be down for another season due to the overwhelming amount of us clamoring for more episodes, but this time around, funding would be needed to provide further Scary Sleepovers. All of this, including the Scary Sleepover Indiegogo campaign, was, of course, announced before our current state of affairs. The good news is, that folks have pulled together enough funds to guarantee at least one more episode with a surprise guest. After years of giving us fans all of the free content on, the Hatchet franchise, the isolated horror of Frozen, the unique monster movie, Digging Up the Marrow and the hilarious Holliston (which he co-stars in with Joe Lynch who is also his co-host on their popular podcast on the Fangoria network, The Movie Crypt) I was absolutely down to throw a few bucks in the direction of getting more Scary Sleepover

scary sleepover

You can currently watch every damn episode for FREE here and if you’re like me and this on-line, genre-based reality series makes you smile, inspires you and tugs at what heartstrings you have left and you’re in a position to donate, then please kick them some cash. You’re also helping ensure work for some industry folk that could desperately use it right about now. Currently, the campaign has 33 hours left and is only about $1,500 away from giving fans two brand new episodes. 

Adam Green with Tom Holland

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