The Orphans: Origins – Book Review

Zombies take a new form under a new book series The Orphans: Origins by Mike Evans. In 2008, scientists assembled by the United States government develop a drug to combat against chemical warfare. Eight years later, Shaun’s dad (Dr. Frank Fox) and Ellie’s mom (Karen Randall) meet and fall in love much to their kid’s dismay. Their relationship progresses and Dr. Fox pops the question; the only downside is Karen is dying with bone cancer and has three to six months to live. Dr. Fox determines to find a cure to save her with the research he completed with the government. He believes he can modify the drug to be a cure for his dying love. When he runs out of time he gives her the drug but it does not have the effect he hoped for. All hell breaks loose and now the group has to survive the outcome of the turned.

the orphans

Evans proposes an interesting origin story for the zombie apocalypse. In his flashbacks, he shows the effects the drug had on the test subjects but it is not on the scale in the present scenes. Frank’s love for Karen is what brought on the zombie apocalypse. The first book in the series basically lays all the groundwork for the books in the future. Evans thrives on character development. Most of the book is details about the relationship between characters.

The reader gets to see the dynamics between Dr. Fox and his son Shaun; it is not a good relationship and the dialogue and actions of Dr. Fox cement Shaun’s hatred for his father. Although the teenagers in the story are 13, their actions and dialogue made me believe that they were more like 16 maybe even 17. These ages would have seemed better suited since teens seem to be more mature at this age. Ellie and Shaun seemed more in a relationship than the parents at times which would make sense because the adults’ actions land them in the mess they are in. Another issue is the flashback scenes are a little disjointed. If I personally was writing a story like this I would keep the 2008 scenes more together and not spread it throughout the book.

I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading what is in store for the characters in the future installments. The main reason this book seems to resonate with me and why I liked it so much was the character development. As I read the book, I could not stop reading. Books like these are what keeps the reader coming back for more. I look forward to seeing what Evans has planned for our survivors in the next book: The Orphans: Surviving the Turned.

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