The Official Trailer for The Neighbor (2016)

Check out the official trailer for The Neighbor by Anchor Bay Entertainment!

I am amazed that I did not hear about this sooner. Marcus Dustan and Patrick Melton, the minds that brought us Saw 4- Saw: The Final Chapter, The Collector, and The Collection are about to take us on another suspenseful ride. Judging by the trailer it is going to be more in the vein of The Collector series and I am not complaining one bit. Except this time around we are going to have the maniac be someone that lives right next door. There is something much more terrifying about that.

Starring Josh Stewart (The Collector, The Collection), The Neighbor looks to take us on a brutal ride that mixes attributes of both previous projects, Saw and The Collector. This can work in so many ways. It makes the horror fan in me practically giddy with anticipation. This will be the perfect first course, to start the meal, that is the buffet of horror movies coming out this month.

the official trailer for the neighbor

Is it possible that this duo can create yet another successful franchise? My money says yes, and also says take me now! The Neighbor will be released on BluRay, DVD, Digital VOD, and On Demand Sept. 6th, 2016. That’s only 4 days away! Get your popcorn ready. I think we are about to be amazed!



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