The Official Kickstarter Campaign for ‘The Serial Killers Club’

What would happen if a bunch of inept, would be serial killers got together and discussed their future murders over coffee and donuts at weekly club meetings? What if someone was mistaken for a member of that Club after accidentally taking someone out in a particularly gruesome way? That’s what happens in Victor Frey’s upcoming film The Serial Killers Club.

Although the film has not been made yet, Frey and his crew are ready and waiting to start filming this bloody dark comedy. What’s holding him back? The same thing that holds many indie filmmakers back these days – a lack of funds. To remedy this, Frey has started a Kickstarter campaign that launched on August 15th and will run until September 16th. You can find the crowdfunding campaign right here, where you’ll find some fantastic perks like your name in the movie’s credits, a digital download of the finished film, movie props, Halloween costume of one of the characters and more! You can keep up with the film’s progress here at PopHorror or at their website.

From the press kit:

Our characters include Vigo, a would-be cannibal who thinks he’s high-class but can’t cook; Mina, a bubbly clown who can’t tell a joke; Veronica, the black widow who cannot find a man sleazy enough to murder, and several other similarly themed killers. Our cast of characters is brought to life by an incredibly talented group of actors, including Mystery Diners and Grimm alum Amber Stonebraker, stage veteran Anthony Green, and international burlesque performer Layne Fawkes.

Our crew is hot off the remake of The Brain that Wouldn’t Die, including our award-winning Director of Photography Kevin Forest, who took home the Best Cinematography Award from the 2016 Portsmouth International Film Festival and our producer Molly Preston who won Best of Oregon Short Film in the 2015 Oregon Independent Film Festival. We have already generated enormous buzz in the Portland film scene. When we put out a casting call, we had to close it in less than 48 hours due to such a massive response.

Through the support and buzz of fellow horror enthusiasts, we know we’ll reach our goal of $135,000. Attached are some promo photos as well as stills from the proof of concept, which I can send you if requested. Thank you for your time, and we look forward to you seeing The Serial Killers Club once it’s completed!

So what are you waiting for? Click on over to The Serial Killers Club’s Kickstarter campaign and help these indie filmmakers get their film in production!

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