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‘The Mummy’ Set to Lose $95 Million

The Mummy has gotten a lot of hate from horror fans. Even before it hit theaters and purely based on the trailers, fans were already making up their minds on how bad the film would be. This is not one of those articles.

Personal feelings aside, this information is based on raw data. According to Deadline:

After consulting a number of film finance sources, Universal’s Tom Cruise movie stands to lose an estimated $95M off of a final estimated global box office tally of $375M. That’s $75M at the domestic B.O., and $300M from overseas.

Deadline goes through a breakdown of the film’s budget vs. domestic and international gross profit for the movie. I won’t break all of that down for you here. The film’s global success can be attributed to Tom Cruise and his popularity worldwide. Domestically the film didn’t do well at all. It was steamrolled by Wonder Woman in Wonder Woman’s second week in theaters.

This coming weekend, Transformers: The Last Knight opens which will surely overtake The Mummy in both screen space as well as revenue. We could debate all day as to if the movie is good or not, or why we like or dislike it, but as far as Universal’s first shot at their Dark Universe, from a financial standpoint, is dead in the water.

Universal has declared they are full steam ahead on their other Dark Universe projects with The Bride of Frankenstein currently in the works. We’ll keep an eye out and report updates with that film as they come available. What did you think of The Mummy? Do you think Universal will get their Dark Universe off the ground?

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