The Last Blockbuster

Check Out The Concept Trailer For ‘The Last Blockbuster!’

Brian Karl Rosenthal has a fun little concept for a movie called The Last Blockbuster. The story centers on a pair of lifelong movie geeks who find themselves in a battle for survival. From the sounds of things, it’s one part The Monster Squad and one part Clerks. That equals two parts Take My Money! Rosenthal put together a concept trailer, which he was kind enough to send our way.

Check out the concept trailer for yourself below and let us know what you think!

The Last Blockbuster Synopsis

It’s The Monster Squad meets Clerks when a pair of lifelong movie geeks must suddenly band together with a motley crew of strangers inside one of the last remaining video rental stores and attempt to survive — perhaps even stop the supernatural apocalypse happening just outside their doors.

Brian Karl Rosenthal wrote, directed, and edited the pitch. It stars The Mule’s Derek Russo, Chris Frank (The Place of the Skull 2019), Nigah Davis (Cool As Hell 2013), Ash vs. Lobo and the DC Dead’s (2016) FX Artist David VonHippchen and Joshua Borcyk.

Here’s a look at the concept poster art!

The Last Blockbuster

Final Thoughts

I dig it! Feels like a bit of Feast with a bit of Ash vs. Evil Dead thrown in. Nostalgia horror is all the rage these days, and who doesn’t look back fondly on the video store era? Those were some good times. I think Rosenthal is on to something here. It sounds like a full pitch is available to interested parties.

Here’s hoping that pitch finds its audience and the funding and support it needs to get this indie film off the ground. What do you think? Would you like to see more of The Last Blockbuster? Tell us in the comments!

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