Find Out More About ‘The Embalmer,’ An Upcoming Novel From Brae Wyckoff

We’re always looking for new genre staples here at PopHorror. You never know what you’re going to stumble across in your travels that will eventually become an instant classic. So, when we heard about Author Brae Wyckoff’s upcoming novel, The Embalmer, we knew we had to let the word know.

Serving as both the President of Kingdom Creativity International and the Director of Kingdom Writers Association, Wyckoff has successfully self-published seven award-winning books, sold thousands of copies and has helped hundreds of others get their books completed and published. He currently travels the world, teaching, equipping, and empowering other writers to get their personal breakthrough. His books include the young adult epic fantasy series, The Orb of Truth, The Dragon God, and The Vampire King, two children’s books, The Unfriendly Dragon and The Mountain of Gold, the historical fiction novel, Demons & Thieves, and an inspirational book for writers called Kingdom Writers Devotional.

Brae Wyckoff
Award-winning author Brae Wyckoff

Here’s the synopsis for The Embalmer:

Deranged Steven Murdock, The Angel Killer, hears a voice in his head that directs him to “birth angels.” Young and beautiful, these children are brutally murdered and revealed in a sickening display of innocence and human carnage.

When embalmer Freddy Foley’s young daughter was murdered two years ago by The Angel Killer, his life was turned upside down. Now, his estranged wife is reaching out to him, and their grief is ignited all over again as the serial killer strikes another young victim. Unraveling fast, Freddy’s millionaire life of the party best friend, George Casey, does everything within his power and finances to keep his friend from self-destruction.

Freddy wrestles with questions of life, death, and doing the right thing, while fighting the overwhelming desire to use his expert embalming skills to exact vicious revenge. The true test comes in a surprising supernatural twist of fate when Freddy Foley comes face to face with The Angel Killer. What will he do? And will it involve the tools of his trade?

This “can’t stop reading” horror thriller will have you on the edge of your seat from the blood-spattered beginning to the shocking surprise ending. WARNING: Rated R for explicit content and language. Read at your own risk.

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