The Dynamic Duo of Moorhead and Benson Ready to Drop Jaws Again with ‘Synchronic’

Over the past several years, the filmmaking tandem of Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson have been  turning the horror genre upside down and inside out. They are undeniably two of the most forward-thinking, boldly original, creative geniuses in the game, and their films have been truly breathtaking to behold. After enthralling us with Resolution (2012), the simply gorgeous Spring (2014), and this year’s absolutely magnificent The Endless, which is still captivating audiences and blowing minds everywhere (it was actually just added to the Netflix roster as of this writing today, Sept 19th), the dynamic duo has announced that they’re already in preparations for their next sci-fi thriller, Synchronic.

As reported by Deadline, Anthony Mackie (Captain America: Civil War, The Avengers: Infinity War) and Jamie Dornan (A Private War) are the current front-runners for the lead roles.

Anthony Mackie and Jaime Dornan leading candidates to star in 'Synchronic'
Anthony Mackie and Jamie Dornan are the leading candidates to star in ‘Synchronic’ from Moorhead and Benson

According to Deadline:

The pair will play two New Orleans paramedics, whose lives are ripped apart after encountering a series of horrific deaths linked to a designer drug with bizarre, otherworldly effects.

Moorhead and Benson had this to say about their prospective lead stars:

“We’ve found the perfect collaborators to tell a bold, frightening, heartstrings-tugging story.”

Synchronic is being produced by David Lawson Jr., who also produced The Endless, along with Moorhead and Benson from Rustic Films. The script was written by Benson.

Needless to say, we here at PopHorror can’t wait to see what these film mavericks have in store for us with Synchronic! We’ll definitely keep you posted as more details emerge. In the meantime, we can’t recommend checking out The Endless enough… it is undeniably one of the best films of 2018! It would be a travesty if this beauty isn’t on all the year-end best of lists.

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