The Dead of Night Film Festival is Calling For Submissions!

It’s a new year which means horror festivals of all different types are coming out! One of them that we’re excited about is The Dead of Night Film Festival and they’re calling for submissions! Find out what the festival is about, the awards, special guests, and more.

the dead of night film festival

Official Press Release:

“The Dead of Night Film Festival comes to you on the 20th & 21st October 2017 and is a new addition to the ever growing International horror film festival circuit. The objective of our festival is to bring new independent horror short and feature films to the genre loving public of the seaside town of Southport, England. The festival is brought to you from the creative team behind the award winning festive horror movie ‘Good Tidings’ and will be apart of this years Spookport festivities this HALLOWEEN. Making this festival truly special is our venue, the beautiful The Atkinson Theatre. So rest assured this festival is made for horror fans by horror fans. We want audiences to have the same experience they get when watching their favourite larger budget movies, an experience in our eyes that every movie should have, screened on the big screen!

It can be hard for Independent filmmakers to get theatrical releases for their movies and we want to help get them the audiences they deserve. It’s such an important part of independent cinema and is the best way to get their movies seen around the globe.

The film festival will screen 8 short and 8 feature films within the genre bracket, there’ll be special guests and a whole lot more fun over this two day extravaganza. Submit your films, become a vendor or join us as a guest in October 2017.”

Awards & Prizes:

  • Best Feature
  • Best Short
  • Best Director
  • Best Trailer

Guest Judges (More to be announced):

  • Nicholas Vince (Hellraiser, Nightbreed)
  • Jessica Cameron (Truth or Dare, Mania)
  • Jay Kay (Horror Happens Radio Show)

This sounds like an absolutely amazing festival full of incredible potential and one that everyone should check out especially people who have horror projects that they want to be submitted. Stu Jopia is the festival director and the organizers want to see your horror trailers, shorts, and feature-length movies! The winners will receive the coveted Golden VHS Cassette Award. Submit your projects now on FilmFreeway – can also learn more about the requirements and other details by clicking the link. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter as well! 

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