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‘The Complete History Of ‘The Howling’ Is Available Now!

If you ask any horror fan, “What are your top 5 werewolf films of all time?” there’s a pretty good chance that The Howling is on their list. More often than not, I’d wager it’s number one. Let’s face it: The Howling (read our retro review here) is a horror classic! Well, I’ve got some great news for fans of the film and its sequels: Miami Fox Publishing’s book, The Complete History of The Howling, is finally available!

Where can you get your copy? Read on for all the details!

The Complete History of The Howling Synopsis

For the first time ever, Miami Fox Publishing presents the complete account of one of the most popular and iconic legendary film franchises in cinema history. When The Howling premiered in 1981, the film introduced cinema-goers to an all-new kind of movie monster – shocking, visceral, graphic and relentless. Spawning seven popular sequels to date, the series has become the most prosperous werewolf franchise of all time.

Best-selling author Bryn Curt James Hammond’s (A Case for Murder: Brittany Murphy Files) The Complete History of The Howling is the first book to chronicle the making of all eight feature films and takes an in-depth look at the film’s source material by Gary Brandner, which began life in 1977 as a trilogy of books. It contains interviews with many of the surviving members of each production.

The Complete History of The Howling is richly illustrated and presents stunning pictorials recalling a quarter century’s worth of behind-the-scenes stories – the struggles, feuds, foibles, controversies and calamities.

Fully illustrated with never-before-seen photos, an all new unofficial story arc by Nick Stead (Hybrid), along with tracing the complex history of the wolf men from their earliest origins, this is the ultimate oral and visual memoir of the most successful werewolf horror franchise in the history of motion pictures.

Kick ass! Here’s a look at the cover artwork!

The Complete History Of The Howling

The Complete History of The Howling made its debut at the UK’s Horror Con back in May 2018. It’s now available to purchase on Amazon UK. US fans will have it a bit tougher, but they can get it on Amazon through third party sellers using the link above for about $25 or $26.

Final Thoughts

Sweet! I love The Howling, and I’ve been looking forward to picking up a copy of this for a while now. I can’t wait to read it! What do you think? Are you a fan of The Howling? Will you be snagging a copy of the book for yourself? Tell us in the comments!

Dang. I want to watch The Howling, now!

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