‘The Barn’ Filmmakers Announce Horror Anthology ‘Cryptids’

We PopHorror-ites are huge fans of Filmmakers Justin M. Seaman (read our interview with him here) and Zane Hershberger (read our interview with him here) and their 2016 film, The Barn (2016 – read our review here). As we anxiously await The Barn Part II, we got news that the horror duo are collaborating on a new horror anthology, Cryptids. The story takes place during a cryptozoology radio talk show called The Truth Serum, which is hosted by Major Harlan Dean (The Last Drive-in’s Joe Bob Briggs – read our interview with him here). And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Other directors involved in this escapade of cryptozoology are Circus of the Dead’s Bloody Bill Pon (read our interview with him here), Brett Dejager (Bonejangles 2017 – read our review here), Max Groah (Bong Of The Living Dead 2017 – read our review here), and Johnny William Holt (Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories 2016 – read our review here).

As for cast, we’ve got Zombinatrix’s Bianca Allaine (read our interview with her here), Force To Fear’s Sable Griedel and Chad Bruns, Sé Marie (CarousHell 2016 – read our review here), Daniel Kiely (Bong Of The Living Dead 2017 – read our review here), Wayne W. Johnson (Night Of Something Strange 2016 – read our review here), Cortland Woodard (The Barn 2016 – read our review here), Aaron Steadmon, and Allen Regimbal (10/31 2017 – read our review here).

Check out the poster art:

Filmmaker Justin M. Seaman had this to say:

Cryptids is a horror anthology that takes place in a radio station on a show called The Truth Serum hosted by Major Harlan Dean (Joe Bob Briggs). On tonight’s episode, Harlan decides to tackle the topic of cryptozoology, but as the phone lines light up and the calls come in, each caller’s stories become increasingly more bizarre, and Harlan starts to question if real dangers are lurking outside the station.

The film is meant to bring back our favorite days of films and television shows like Creepshow, Monsters, Tales from the Darkside and Tales from the Crypt, using as much practical FX with the monsters as we can and keeping the CGI to a minimum. You can expect to see such legends as Bigfoot, Loveland Frogman, chupacubras, Beast of Bladenboro, Dover Demon, and more!

The idea of Cryptids began because Zane bought a book as a child at a school book fair called Monsters You Never Heard Of by Daniel Coen, and it sparked a love of monster stories ever since. Growing up listening to Art Bell’s Coast to Coast, he thought it seemed like a no brainer to tell a story about callers who call in to a radio show with their monster encounters, and thus Cryptids was born. In 2013, Zane started the project, but his original team jumped ship after he shot his segment, “Melon Heads.” After becoming friends with Zane on the set of The Barn in 2016, I decided I would help him resurrect his project and help him take it to the finish line. We just didn’t realize it would be such a long line *haha*.

The campaign means a lot to us because we need your help to finish this film. We’ve been self -unding this project since 2013, and now with the additional blow of the pandemic, we don’t have the capital to complete the remainder of the film anytime soon.

I’m not gonna lie, a big chunk of the funding was for this scene and we needed it before we could shoot so we had everything ready to film for April 2020. The campaign was ready to launch first week of March and then the pandemic hit. We just couldn’t in good conscious make the campaign live, so we decided to postpone the shoot and wait.

Do you want to see Cryptids be made into a crypto-loving anthology? You know we do! Take a trip over to the IndieGoGo campaign and see what you can do to help. Please share this news to get the word out about this awesome film!

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