KILLER KIDS: 11 Scariest Kids in Horror!

Nothing is quite as startling and or as frightening as a child coming at you with a deadly weapon and a murderous look in his eye. You would think a kid would be a relatively easy match for a grown adult, right? Not always. Killer kids continue to keep kicking our collective asses in horror movies throughout the decades. But what makes a kid… a killer? Maybe their killer instinct is the result of some horrible tragedy? Or the possibly that the little ones are born mini psychopaths? One thing for sure is that audiences love a good story with a killer kid; even more so, they love watching them create chaos and mayhem among their community while the adults sit back and let it happen. On that note, PopHorror presents to you the top 11 scariest killer kids in horror.

11. The Paper Boy – Johnny (1994)

He’s just your average paper boy that you should never let in your house. But Johnny swears he’s a “good boy” and all he wants is the perfect family. He may just even kill for one.

I couldn’t get enough of this movie when I was younger. Johnny looked like the boy next door, but gave me the creeps!

10. The Ring – Samara (2002)

To be fair, Samara doesn’t really want to hurt anyone, she just wants what was taken from her. But you probably shouldn’t watch her video, because after 7 days you will most likely die a horrible death.

The Ring is a remake of 1988 Japanese horror movie of the same name, which was based off the eponymous novel by Koji Suzuki. Samara is one of the most badass killer kids, because not only is she creepy, she haunts her victims through her videos…then, after a frantic 7-day wait, kills them in the some of the most unique ways. The scene where Samara is crawling up the well still freaks me out!

9. Mikey (1992)

“Mikey likes it!” Oh, wait, wrong Mikey. Mike appears to be a sweet little boy just like the one in the Life cereal commercial, but psychopathic kids are good at acting like the perfect child.

After Mikey kills his family, no one expects it could have been him, so he goes into the foster system. He’s adopted by a loving couple who, after only as short time with him, deem him as the perfect child. However, it doesn’t take long for Mikey to show his true colors, because if he doesn’t get what he want…everyone will pay! Such a creepy little dude, but to be honest, those adults should have caught on a lot sooner.

8. Children of the Corn – Isaac and Malachai (1984)

“OUTLANDER!” A rural town in Nebraska has been taken over by a cult of children, led by Malachi and Isaac, who have killed all the adults in town, all in the name of “He who walks behind the rows.”

Children of the Corn is based off a short story by Stephen King and several films have been adapted from it. It’s not the greatest Stephen King adaption, but Malachi and Isaac are some of the scariest killer kids ever, living among the corn rows with their underage minions doing their dirty work. The diner scene in which they brutally slaughter the townspeople is iconic; one of the best horror scenes ever.

7. The Good Son – Henry (1993)

Mark (Elijah Wood) has recently lost his mother and has gone to stay with his extended family. They all seem loving and welcoming – even his new cousins, Connie and Henry (Macaulay Culkin). However, he will soon learn Henry is not a force to be reckoned with. His psychopathic tendencies flair up as Mark is shown love by Henry’s parents, as Henry is doesn’t care much for sharing.

This movie is a little over the top, but I loved it as a child. Both Culkin and Wood are excellent in this film, although Culkin played his part a little bit too well. After the dog scene, I was begging for his death. I remember my Grandma couldn’t look at him in the same light for a long time because of his role as such a horrifying killer kid.

6. The Children (1980)

They didn’t start off out evil, but became that way after a nuclear plant leak turned a bus full of innocent children into murderous, mutant zombies with black fingernails. How do they kill people? By microwaving every living thing possible, of course! The adults have to fight against them for the survival of the town, but can they do it?

Interesting fact: The Children was made in the same year as Friday the 13th and had the same composer, Harry Manfredini, so if you listen to both musical scores, they sound very similar.

5. Village of the Damned (1960)

Killer kids with glowing eyes? Nothing scary about that…

It’s a must watch movie, but find out why exactly for yourself. In the meantime, some cool facts about the movie: the glowing eye effect was created by putting a reversed image of their eyes over the pupils. Also, a dome inside their wigs made their heads appear bigger. Plus all of that blonde hair!

4. Pet Sematary – Gage (1989)

“First I play with Judd, then mommy came, and I play with mommy. We play daddy, we had a awful good time! Now, I want to play with you…”

Gage was the most adorable little boy ever, but once he was undead, he was one of the scariest killer kids ever in this Stephen King horror adaptation. To be fair, everyone pretty much deserved what came to them. After all, sometimes dead is better.

3. The Bad Seed – Rhonda (1956)

Rhonda is one girl you don’t want to battle against – she takes her competitions quite seriously. Seemingly innocent and sweet, her parents don’t want to believe that their daughter is a killer, but when evidence begins to pile up, what is one to do?

This film is based upon the 1954 play of the same name by Maxwell Anderson, which in turn is based upon William March’s 1954 novel The Bad Seed. It is a fantastic horror movie with a bunch of twists.

2. The Orphan – Esther (2009)

Just another perfect child movie gone horribly wrong, right? Nope…

I love everything about this movie. Although some could argue it doesn’t fit “scariest killer kid” movie selection, I have to disagree. You know how, in some movies, once you find out the twist, the movie loses its appeal the second time around? Well, this movie is the complete opposite… it gets better each and every time!

1. The Omen – Damien (1976)

Finally, the one and only Damien! He was born into his killer kid role as the antichrist.

A lot for a little kid to live up to, huh? Although he didn’t know his role in life at first, it didn’t take long before the evil began to spawn from his eyes, making him one of the top scariest killer kids ever! Not only did he have “followers” willing to die for him, he had a ominous dog as a protector. However, the dog playing the creature that was suppose to threaten and instill fear among everyone was the complete opposite. All he want to do was lick and play with his coworkers – making it hard to shoot certain scenes.


And there it is folks, our top 11 scariest killer kids in horror! Which one is your favorite? Let us know!

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