Red Letters (2020)

TERROR FILMS Premieres ‘Red Letters’ (2020) On Kings Of Horror

Founded in 2015, Kings of Horror quickly became the most visited and subscribed channel for full-length horror movies on YouTube. In addition to full length features, their content includes horror shorts, written reviews, horror news, video reviews, shorts, and an awards show. Now, Kings of Horror is partnering with TERROR FILMS for the world premiere of the faith-based horror film Red Letters.

Check out the trailer below, then read on for all the details!

Red Letters Synopsis

A Deputy vanishes without a trace while responding to a burglary call. Private Investigator Jim Knowles is a retired Homicide Detective and Mike Gaston is a retired Theology Professor, who specialize in cases that deal with the dark side of evil. Both men are requested to lend their assistance to this small-town police force in rural New Jersey.

Knowles, a non-believer in both God and Satan, is convinced that people who commit a crime and use the Devil as an excuse are merely using an insanity defense. Gaston, his partner however, is a man of deep faith and conviction. Gaston believes that the Devil is real and is constantly on the prowl for people’s souls.

In a fight between good and evil, both men will embark on a journey that leads them into the hands of darkness, whom neither is prepared for.

The film stars Mike Capozzi (Amazon’s “Dark/Web”), Chad Ridgely (Massacre on Aisle 12), Robin Baker (6:66 PM: Evil Has an Hour to Kill) and Kyra Kennedy (“Blue Bloods”).

Here’s a look at the official poster art!

Red Letters (2020)

Red Letters premieres on Kings of Horror Friday, August 21 at 2pm CST. The premiere will include a live stream with the filmmakers and cast. Check it out here!

Looks great! And FREE is a great price! We’re looking forward to giving this a look.

What did you think of the trailer? Are you going to check out Red Letters on Kings of Horror? Tell us in the comments!

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