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Terror Films Needs Your Horror Shorts for ‘Terrifying Tuesdays’!

Attention, filmmakers! Here’s your chance to get your short film shown to the masses! Genre distributor Terror Films has put out the word that they’re looking for completed short films to be included in an original series concept called Terror Films Presents: Terrifying Tuesdays. Already a kingpin in the indie horror film field, Terror Films wants to expand their realm by creating the series.

The series will be made up of six original, never before seen short films that are set to be shown in a weekly, episodic format in the month and a half leading up to Halloween. Every Tuesday in the six weeks leading up to October 31st, a new episode of the series will be shown, and on Halloween day, all six eps will be available to binge watch. At this time, Amazon Prime is the chosen spot for the series, although there may be other VOD platforms, including Shudder, Starz, Netflix and Hulu.

Terror Films President Joe Dain says:

“This is our take on Tales From The Crypt, if you will. There are so many incredibly talented filmmakers out there. The level of originality and quality we have seen over the years with shorts has often surpassed what we see in full-length features. We not only want to give these filmmakers a real opportunity to have their short films showcased, but wrapping them into a limited series format will allow us to elevate the marketing angle. We’re incredibly excited about the possibilities.”

Terrifying Tuesdays will not only be about getting exposure for some lesser known indie filmmakers and their films. Selected participants will also get a share in the revenue generated by the show, either through a licensing deal secured by the label or from the Amazon Prime Revenue Share program.

Jim Klock (Massacre on Aisle 12 2016), Terror Films’ Executive and Head of Acquisitions, will be the man in charge of the submission and selection process following very specific guidelines which are listed below.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Inclusive of credits, shorts should be no less than 25 minutes but no more than 40 minutes maximum.
    Films must be 100% completed.
  • Absolutely no scenes of violence towards women, excessive nudity, extreme graphic violence or overt visual gore.
  • Shorts must not have had any online exposure at all! (YouTube, Vimeo, iTunes, Amazon, Festival or Filmmaker’s Website, Social Media etc.). Festival participation is okay but they must not have appeared online in any way.
  • No science fiction shorts! We are looking for traditional horror. (hauntings, possessions, witches, deranged killers, etc.).
  • You must own all rights to images, actors and music/score. “Festival Rights Only” will not be accepted.
  • Only seeking English Speaking shorts. No foreign language films with/or without subtitles will be considered for this particular project.
  • If you shot your film under the SAG New Media Agreement, filmmakers will be responsible for contacting SAG and paying any residuals from revenue received.
  • Copies of all executed SAG contracts must be available for review if requested.
  • A 5.1 sound mix preferred but not required.
  • All films subject to approval and acceptance based on all of the above along with a QC (Quality Control) report that shows that the film is technically ready to be delivered onto the Amazon platform.
  • Submission deadline is June 1, 2018.

If your film(s) meets the above guidelines, please submit it/them to: submissions@terrorfilms.

If your film is chosen for the series, you will be contacted by someone on the Terror Films Team. The Team requests that you do not send emails requesting the status of your submission.

To learn more about Terror Films, visit: www.terrorfilms.net

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