Take a Tour of the REAL Camp Crystal Lake on Friday the 13th!

Awesome news was announced by Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco, an active Boy Scouts camp in Hardwick, New Jersey. They’re planning an upcoming special event. Wait…hold up, where??? For Friday the 13th fanatics, we know that this is where the first movie of the series was filmed over 35 years ago! This is the real Camp Crystal Lake!

Unfortunately, the Camp is not open to the general public. The only way that you can view the filming location is when the camp offers a rare special event. It was announced that the fourth public tour of Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco for Friday the 13th fans will take place on Friday, October 13, 2017!

The lowdown on this is first you MUST sign up for their emails. That is the only form of communication they use to update the tour information. You may do so here.  Second, I highly recommend checking out their souvenirs here. The reason I say this is not only because they have some bad ass souvenirs, but if you make some purchases, the better your chances are of getting tickets for the tour.

“Angry Mother” Combo

According to a press release as reported by Bloody Disgusting, the tickets will be in two groups:

Group 1) To show our appreciation for our most dedicated fans, the first group of tickets will be announced via email to anyone that has made a minimum $50 souvenir purchase in our online shop between January 1st, 2017 and 7am the day the tickets go on sale. ($50 minimum not including shipping).

Group 2) After that, the remainder of the tickets will be announced to our general mailing list. You can join the mailing list here. Please note that tour announcements will only be made on the mailing list and will not be posted anywhere else.

Tickets will go on sale during the week of August 28, 2017. They will be for sale immediately after the announcement email is sent.  You must have a ticket – no exceptions! You may read further about the tour here.

Go sign up on the mailing list now and don’t forget to check out the souvenirs! That’s your best chance to get this once in a lifetime opportunity! Are you ready to see Camp Crystal Lake? Have you been on a tour? Let us know in the comments!

This could be you!



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