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Satanic Possession Film ‘Cristina’ Starts Filming This Spring


IndustryWorks Studios sends word of a new horror project they have in development. Cristina is a Satanic possession film that has a horror industry veteran in the director’s chair. That veteran is Chris Alexander, a former Fangoria and Shock Til You Drop editor and director of indie classics like Female …

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Raven Banner Releasing Presents: ‘The Unseen’ (2018)

A few years ago, The Unseen received awesome feedback at Montreal’s Fantasia Festival. It will now finally be released in theaters and we can’t wait to check it out! Check out the details and trailer down below. This exciting drama thriller is written and directed by Vancouver’s Geoff Redknap and …

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Bad Cookie Pictures Releases Two VR Horror Films Just in Time for Halloween

Three months ago, we announced an IndieGoGo for the double feature project being created by Bad Cookie Pictures. Now, we’re here to say that the campaign was a success, and the movies are on the verge of being released! The two VR films, Tune In… For Murder! and Relaxing ASMR, …

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