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‘Dark Web: Mystery Box’ – The Indie Horror Anthology Shot Entirely In Quarantine Is Now Available

Recently released by Vestra Pictures and Mort House Films, is Dark Web: Mystery Box, an anthology blending independent horror, popular YouTube personalities, and the growing fascination with the Dark Web. All segments featured were shot while in quarantine from around the world in hopes of offering horror fans a new …

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Zombie Anthology ‘Virus of the Dead’ Coming to DVD Soon

Virus of the Dead

The new POV zombie anthology, Virus of the Dead, will be hitting DVD nationwide this Tuesday February 26. Check out the details down below including the poster. The film brought on board 22 filmmakers from around the world to contribute segments; including Timo Rose (Fearmakers, Barricade), Shane Ryan (Amateur Porn Star Killer, My …

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Unearthed Films Announce “Too Extreme for Mainstream” Titles Coming in 2019

Unearthed Films

As a huge fan of indie horror and the love of broadening my genre horizons, I’m always on the lookout for new horror. No, I didn’t mean I’m searching for the latest film in theaters. I mean I’m looking for horror I’ve never heard of or that rarely mentioned gem, …

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(S)aint Nick: A Chilling Christmas Tale Unlike Any Other

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I absolutely love Holiday horror themed movies. Although I love them all, I often prefer Halloween and Christmas based ones. It’s even better when they’re put in an anthology series and I get to watch one unique story right after the other. …

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