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Teaser Trailer for ‘Kill Giggles’ To Premiere At 2019 Genreblast

Genreblast - kill giggles

KILL GIGGLES TEASER TO WORLD PREMIERE AT 2019 GENREBLAST FILM FESTIVAL It’s time to die, clown! Kill Giggles is something I’ve been supporting since day one – the very beginning. I loved the short Killing Giggles and can’t wait to see what the crazy beautiful mind of Jaysen Buterin has …

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Shooting Wraps On Clown Killing Horror Film ‘Kill Giggles’

Kill Giggles

Last week, the highly anticipated indie horror film, Kill Giggles, finished shooting. Talent from all walks of life came together to create this film and we cant wait to check it out. This isn’t your average clown film, though. This this is a ClOWN KILLING horror film! Check out all …

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