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Horror Icons Team Up for Indie Western ‘The Badge, The Gun & The Hangman’s Noose’

The Badge, the Gun, & the Hangman's Noose

Award-winning screenwriter, Edward Santiago, has teamed up with award-winning director and Women in Horror Film Festival co-founder, Vanessa Ionta Wright (Rainy Season, based on the story by Stephen King) and producer Kathy Oliver (The Walking Dead, American Horror Story) to bring to life his western drama, The Badge, The Gun …

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Thom Mathews Returns to the Screen in ‘Killer Therapy’

Kill therapy

Rellik Pictures has released the first look at Barry Jay’s Killer Therapy. This is the latest scream from the director of Ashes and executive producer of Never Hike Alone. Check out all the details down below including stills, production, and more. For his second feature, Jay enlisted the talents of genre legend Thom …

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‘Friday the 13th’ Fans Rejoice: Adrienne King Finally Joins ’13 Fanboy’

Adrienne King

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. Adrienne King has joined the cast of 13 Fanboy! As most of you know by now, Adrienne was very hesitant at first about joining this film because of her own personal history with a stalker. However with love and support …

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Misfits Former Frontman Michale Graves Joins ’13 Fanboy’

Michale Graves

I know everyone is going nuts over mainstream films like Pet Sematary, IT: Chapter 2, Child’s Play and so on. Meanwhile I’m freaking out about some awesome indie horror movies coming out soon like 13 Fanboy. Everything about this film is awesome. The story. The cast. The Crew. And just …

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’13 Fanboy’ is Seeking Equity Investors

13 Fanboy

13 Fanboy: Seeking Equity Investors By now you have no doubt heard of the Friday the 13th spin off film 13 Fanboy! Produced by Friday alumni Deborah Voorhees, and veteran producer Joel Paul Reisig, Fanboy is the story of a fan who takes the original series way too seriously. He …

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Legendary Icon Dee Wallace Joins Cast of ’13 Fanboy’

It seems like every week, another great news piece is coming out about the upcoming slasher feature from Voorhees Films’ 13 Fanboy. This is a dream come true for fans of the Friday the 13th franchise. It has an insanely killer cast including several Friday the 13th veterans as well as …

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Corey Feldman Joins Killer Cast of ’13 Fanboy’

Corey Feldman

Everyone is talking about Voorhees Films’ newest slasher feature, 13 Fanboy. Not only is it a great story but it also has a killer cast including Deborah Voorhees, Kane Hodder, CJ Graham, Thom Mathews, Tracie Savage, Ron Sloan, Judie Aronson, Vincente DiSanti, Andrew Leighty. and more. Last night she released the …

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‘Friday the 13th’ Original Stars Reunite in Slasher ’13 Fanboy’!

Over the last year or so, Deborah Voorhees, and I’ve become quite close. I adore her, and she’s big supporter of me, PopHorror, and the rest of the horror community. She has a huge fan base of loyal fans, and when I found out she was making a new film …

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‘Horror Hall of Fame’ Brought Back By Geeks of The Industry

For the past five years, the guys over at Geeks of the Industry have been creating and uploading podcasts relating to fabulously geeky stuff from all across the spectrum – from wrestling to the Grateful Dead to cult classics to comic books to celebrity interviews to the subject of podcast …

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