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‘Massacre On Aisle 12’ Filmmaker Jim Klock Shoots Holiday Horror ‘Slayed’ With Terror Films

Anyone who’s spent any time on this site knows that we love the horror comedy, Massacre On Aisle 12 (2016 – read our review here). We love it so much that we can’t help but be excited by anything filmmakers Jim Klock and Chad Ridgely (read our interview with him …

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TERROR FILMS Premieres ‘Red Letters’ (2020) On Kings Of Horror

Red Letters (2020)

Founded in 2015, Kings of Horror quickly became the most visited and subscribed channel for full-length horror movies on YouTube. In addition to full length features, their content includes horror shorts, written reviews, horror news, video reviews, shorts, and an awards show. Now, Kings of Horror is partnering with TERROR …

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Terror Films Unleashes Its 2020 Slate

Terror Films is rolling out their list of movies for 2020 that are guaranteed to delight every horror fan! The releases include everything from possession, back-stabbing friends, agoraphobia, Faustian promises, vampires selling narcotics, crazy intruders, killer animals, an anthology and much more. The slate will include the following: Hell House …

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