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The Official Trailer for Party Night (2017): A Slasher Love Story to the ’80s

Personally, I thought 2016 was a great year for horror, especially indie horror. Looking into the upcoming horror films that will be coming out for 2017 (list will be coming soon), I think the horror genre will have another successful year. From mainstream to indie, the selections look fantastic, but …

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Official News – ‘Stirring’ (2018) No One is Coming Home for Christmas

I’ve seen a lot of amazing Christmas themed horror movies this year and it’s been a blast. In a few years, we have another one to look forward to called Stirring. Stirring (2018) is directed and written by Troy Escamilla, the same talented man who is bringing us the amazing …

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Party Night (2017): Blood, Gore, and More… Oh My!

Slashers are always a beloved favorite among horror fans because they have plenty of blood, gore, and sex… I mean, what’s not love? Party Night (2017) delivers a modern day slasher story that’s a blood-splattered love letter to ’80s horror films. But did it succeed at creating an homage to …

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