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Strangers Make an Unexpected Connection in Supernatural Radio Thriller ‘Dead Air’

dead air

Freestyle Digital Media has announced the cable, satellite, and Digital HD release of Dead Air, from filmmaking team Kevin Hicks and Vickie Hicks of Chinimble Lore. The film was directed and produced by Kevin Hicks (Paranormal Proof, Behind the Door), written and produced by Vickie Hicks (Doppel, The Forever Room), …

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Kevin And Vickie Hicks’ ‘Dead Air’ Coming Soon To Digital, VOD, And DVD

Coming soon to digital, VOD, and DVD courtesy of Freestyle Digital Media is a horror/thriller written by Vickie Hicks (Doppel 2020) and directed by Kevin Hicks (Addison Chained) called Dead Air. The film stars both Vickie and Kevin Hicks, as well as Chris Xaver (Paranormal Proof), Luca Iacovetti (The Forever …

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