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Official Trailer Premiere for Nathaniel Nuon’s ‘The Voices’

The Voices

Check out the official trailer and poster for the new horror film, The Voices. The film was directed by award-winning filmmaker Nathaniel Nuon and written by himself and Daniel Hathcock. It stars Valerie Jane Parker (Wrong Turn), Jenna Harvey (You Might Be The Killer), Jonathan Stoddard (The Young and the …

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Star-filled Horror/Comedy ‘Abnormal Attraction’ Makes the Festival Circuit

Horror comedies are one of my very favorite genres of horror movies. If a film can balance scares with laughs, then you can be sure I will want to check it out. Sometimes, the filmmakers even managed to get meta and call attention to the horror community at large, like …

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‘Monster X’ (2017) To Be Released In The UK

“The monsters will have their day…” As a horror fan, here are two things that make my ears perk up like no others… “anthology” and “monsters.” I cut my teeth on films like Gremlins, Creepshow and Evil Dead. These are the kinds of films I love for. So when I …

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