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Kodi Zene’s ‘Monochrome: The Chromism’ Premieres Soon on On Demand and Digital

Coming soon to On Demand and Digital is a sci-fi thriller from writer/director Kodi Zene called Monochrome: The Chromism. The film stars Joshua Bangle (Black Clover TV series), Cat Merrit (Queen of the South TV series), Devin Leigh (Little Eyes), Ryan Barnes (The Other Black Guy), Andre Pelzer (The Long …

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Dystopian Film ‘Monochrome: The Chromism’ Trailer Released

Monochrome: The Chromism

In the dystopian film, Monochrome: The Chromism, outcasts knows as Hues are traded and sold like currency after turning color in a black and white world. This indie sci-fi film has been in development for six years, a labor of love for Writer/Director Kodi Zene (Beat Cancer 2013) and Producer Lozen …

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