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‘Stranger Things’ and ‘IT’ Star Finn Wolfhard Joins ‘Ghostbusters 3’ Cast

It an unlikely turn of events, the Ghostbusters series has become a hot button issue The 1984 original is a groundbreaking classic, the very first horror comedy to achieve summer blockbuster status. It paved the way for films like Fright Night (1985), and was instrumental in the ’80s horror renaissance. …

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‘Ghostbusters’ (1984) Sequel In The Works, Teaser Released!

Ghostbusters 3

“Ray. When someone asks you if you want a Ghostbusters sequel, you say YES!” No, I’m not talking about a sequel to the modern Ghostbusters of a few years ago. I’m talking about a sequel to the original 1984 film — one of the greatest comedies of all time! Too …

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