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Monster Cereals 2019 Boxes and Movie Promotion Revealed

Monster Cereals

It’s almost that time of year again. The time when General Mills’ Monster Cereals return for the Halloween season! Yes, I’m talking about the big three: Count Chocula, Frankenberry, and Boo Berry. General Mills announced this week in their product blog the new 2019 box designs are done. Will this …

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General Mills Monster Cereals Series Coming Soon from Fright Rags!

Here’s something for fans of horror and pop culture: Fright Rags, purveyors of high quality horror-themed graphic tees, will be releasing a series based on General Mills goofy Monster Cereals. You remember the commercials from your childhood right? I’m talking about Count Chocula, FrankenBerry, and Boo-Berry. Some of the shirts …

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