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Brand New General Mills Monster Cereal Merch!

It is that grand time of the year, when our beloved General Mills Monster Cereals are back on the shelves, albeit for a limited time. This year, Target is offering two brand new General Mills Monster Cereal items for us horror fans to savor and own all year round. One is a …

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It Came From The ’80s Presents: ‘Cereal Killers Volume 2’ Coffee Table Book Pre-Order

Not sure about you, but I love cereal. I also love horror. If you combine the two together, that is pure bliss! Is there a better time of year for both of my loves than Halloween, when they put out the Count Chocula, Frankenberry and Boo Berry cereals? Even Funko is …

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General Mills Monster Cereals Are Almost Here!

Summer is winding down. Kids are getting ready to go back to school. Labor Day is around the corner. You know what that means? It’s that magical time of year when General Mills releases Monster Cereals back to stores! Perhaps it is because I am a child of the ’80s, …

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