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Evil Digs Deep With First Look At Marcel Walz’s ‘Rootwood’

Killer amazing poster art for Marcel Walz's 'Rootwood'

Where do you turn after creating a massive stir with a sensational, controversial remake of Herschell Gordon Lewis’ splatter classic, Blood Feast? If you’re Marcel Walz, you dig even deeper to the root of all evil with your newest film, Rootwood! Brainwaves dropped news about the film today, along with the absolutely …

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Miskatonic Institute in London Offers Lecture On Transvestism In Horror

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Named for the fictional university in H.P. Lovecraft’s literary works, the Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies is an international organization that offers university level history, theory and production-based master classes for horror fans of all ages. Miskatonic London wishes to welcome lecturer, academic and film writer Sarah Crowther, who will teach a …

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‘Death House’ Is Coming Home To DVD And VOD!

After a long, successful festival run and a 100 city theatrical tour, Cleopatra Entertainment is bringing the highly anticipated Death House to DVD and video on demand. The horror thriller from Writer/Director Harrison B. Smith features an all-star cast of genre superstars. The film was conceived and co-written by Texas Chain Saw …

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Official Poster for ‘Ugly Sweater Party’ Screams Christmas Cheer

ugly sweater party poster still

We’ve been super stoked about the upcoming Christmas horror story, Ugly Sweater Party, ever since we first heard about it. Who doesn’t love a fun and bloody horror film with a winning cast? Recently, Daily Dead posted the exclusive poster for Ugly Sweater Party and it’s amazing! Check it out …

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Caesar and Otto’s Paranormal Halloween: A Treat Full of Spirits

The slapstick comedic duo of campy horror is back in their third horror parody, Caesar and Otto’s Paranormal Halloween. Dave Campfield returns to the director’s chair to bring his script to life while reprising his role as the self-centered, aspiring actor and screenwriter, Caesar. Of course, it wouldn’t be a …

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‘Caesar and Otto’s Deadly Xmas’ (2012): A Cult Comedy Holiday Horror

The Abbott and Costello-esque duo are back bringing holiday cheer for fans of indie B-movie horror in Caesar and Otto’s Deadly Xmas. In his follow-up to Caesar and Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre, Dave Campfield takes his campy humor even further, and he doesn’t do it alone. This time, a cast full of …

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‘Caesar and Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre’ (2009): Abbott and Costello of Modern Horror

Many people remember the mid-century comedy duo, Abbott and Costello, who were famous for their sketch, Who’s on First? Movie fans will also remember the time when these two quirky personalities met the Mummy and Frankenstein. As an homage to these legendary comedians, Dave Campfield brings a strong element of those …

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Dark Chamber (2006): A Classic Murder Mystery Homage

In the early 2000s, murder mystery films began abandoning the simplistic crime and drama angle in favor of complex psychological twists. Although incredible hits such as Identity (2003) and Shutter Island (2010) brought fresh angles to the murder mystery subgenre, it is always fun to see a film reminiscence of old school …

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Updated ‘Death House’ Theatrical, VOD Release Info!

The success of Marvel’s Black Panther is making things tougher for Death House. The “Expendables of Horror” is feeling a bit of pinch due to the high demand for screens for Disney’s latest Super Hero film.  According to the Death House website: The record-breaking success of Disney / Marvel’s Black …

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NSFW Teaser Trailer for the Upcoming Horror Anthology ‘Lilith’


February is Women in Horror Month, which is the perfect time to announce the upcoming horror anthology, Lilith, starring a powerhouse of women! Check out the trailer, poster, stills, and other information down below!  NSFW Trailer for Lilith! This is a new horror anthology with 5 segments directed by Alexander T. Hwang. …

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