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Trailer: Will Smith Stars In Netflix Original ‘Bright!’


Netflix is placing a $90 million dollar bet on Will Smith and screenwriter Max Landis. Will it pay off? We’ll find out soon when the Netflix original blockbuster Bright comes home on December 22nd. In a Los Angeles rife with inter-species tensions, a human cop and his orc partner stumble on …

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Season 3 of Stranger Things is Officially Happening!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally happened. Stranger Things will be back for a third season!!! Bring it on, Demogorgon! The amazing news was announced via Netflix’s Twitter a few days ago where they teased us with this: FOR THE LOVE OF STEVE, DUH! So hold tight baby darts …

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‘The Gatehouse’ (2017) Movie Review

The Gatehouse is the latest release from Uncork’d Entertainment. It is a dark fantasy/adventure/horror film that is unlike anything I have ever seen before. Whether this is a good thing or not you will just have you read on to find out. The Gatehouse is written and directed by Martin …

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PopHorror Interviews Legendary Genre Actress Dee Wallace

So far in my writing career, I’ve had the opportunity to interview quite a few amazing people in the horror industry, including several legendary icons. However, getting to interview Dee Wallace cuts the cake. Never ever did I imagine I would be talking with such an wonderfully inspirational woman both …

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Little Edward Scissorhands is the Perfect Tim Burton Character

little edward scissorhands

I love coming across creative Halloween costumes on the internet. It means people are excited about the holiday just much as I am and you can see their passion shining through. Recently, I came across little  Edward Scissorhands who is definitely giving Johnny Depp a run for his money! Little Edward …

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‘Gantz’ (2010) – A Japanese Manga Adaptation

“Fight against the aliens.” I’m an huge fan of Japanese cinema, and the film Gantz (2010) is at the top of my list. If you thought that Hollywood was the only one tapping into comic books to gather their inspiration and material for films, you’re highly mistaken. Japan has a rich culture …

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Dave Made A Maze: Quirky and Fantastical Fun

Did you build forts out of cardboard boxes when you were a kid? Well, Gravitas Ventures has the film for you! Dave Made A Maze is all about an unaccomplished and frustrated artist, played by Nick Thune (Knocked Up), who builds a cardboard box fort in his living room and winds …

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Dungeons and Dragqueens! Drugs, Sex and Punk Rock!

Dungeons and Dragqueens is a new retro-horror film from director Ken Hicks. The film is about 3 nerds who must cut their Dungeons and Dragons campaign short to drive the girls next door to a punk show, only to find out that they must now face two demons and their own …

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Arrow Films Announces ‘We Are The Flesh’ Due Out In 2017

Arrow Films has announced the January 2017 theatrical debut of Emiliano Rocha Minter’s We Are the Flesh. Not for the faint of heart, this gritty, dark, disturbing and unrelenting apocalyptic fantasy stars Noé Hernández (Miss Bala 2011) as a post-apocalyptic hermit eager to transform the ashes of the world and María …

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