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Shudder Reveals Uncut Interviews From ‘Eli Roth’s History of Horror’

Eli Roth’s seven part horror documentary Eli Roth’s History of Horror, was a resounding hit with horror and film fans alike. It took a unique approach to the art by dissecting all the subgenres, such as slasher films, creature features, etc. It also supplemented those episodes with interviews from such …

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‘Eli Roth’s History of Horror’ Is Right Around the Corner and We Have the Teaser Trailer!

The world of horror is abuzz, eagerly awaiting the premiere of Eli Roth’s seven-part series accurately titled Eli Roth’s History of Horror which will be released this fall on AMC. The first show will kick off the festivities with a focus on the zombie subgenre, then dedicating two consecutive episodes …

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AMC Announces Premiere Date for Eli Roth’s ‘History of Horror’ Series!

I’m sure you’ve seen Director Eli Roth in many interviews discussing the horror genre. For good reason, Roth has brought a lot of horror to us in the past fifteen plus years. Cabin Fever (2002), the Hostel franchise, 2001 Maniacs (2005) and Green Inferno (2013), to name just a few. It is only fitting …

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