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[Exclusive] The First Trailer for Cheyenne Gordon’s ‘Scream For Summer’

scream for summer

?Awhile back, we shared the news of a new indie slasher called Scream For Summer that was just entering production. Now, PopHorror is proud to share with you the EXCLUSIVE first trailer for Cheyenne Gordon’s slash-tastic horror flick! Scream For Summer was written and directed by Cheyenne Gordon (The Wicked One 2017) and …

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Interview With ‘Scream For Summer’ Writer/Director Cheyenne Gordon

Cheyenne Gordon came to my attention awhile back, having co-written The Wicked One as well as starring in the film as Trevor. I recently found out that he was in the process of directing his first film, Scream For Summer, a film he also wrote and stars in. Recently I got …

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Atmospheric Horror Film ‘Angel’ Launches IndieGoGo Campaign


From the makers of Don’t Fuck in The Woods and The Wicked One, Shawn Burkett and Tory Jones, comes Angel, an upcoming film that sets out to explore our darkest fears with something atmospheric and suspense not quite like anything else in indie horror. Check out the proof of concept …

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Indie Slasher Film ‘Scream For Summer’ Enters Production

Cheyenne Gordon is a man of many talents, having co-written and starred in The Wicked One. Recently, Cheyenne has started filming his directorial debut called Scream For Summer. The film is a throwback to the self referential, witty and meta slasher films of the ’90s that we all know and love. Read …

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The Wicked One (2017) Movie Review

I’m a huge fan of indie horror films, especially indie slashers. For months now, I have heard a lot of positive buzz about one film in particular, Tory Jones’ debut feature The Wicked One. I remember being intrigued by the poster featuring the Wicked One’s masked face, and once I …

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The Wicked One Coming To DVD and VOD April 23rd, Sequel Shooting Next Year

the wicked one

Here at PopHorror, we love our Slasher Films. Slashers have experienced a massive resurgence in the past few years, both in numbers and in quality, with some of the better examples including The Fun House Massacre, Party Night, Secret Santa and All Through The House. One of the most recent …

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