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Terror Films Adds 10 New Horror Flicks To The Streaming Platform Crackle!

Terror Films

It appears that streaming platforms are the way to go, especially if you love a certain genre or TV series. There’s the ever popular Shudder, plus Midnight Pulp, Screambox, and FrightPix. Now, Terror Films has signed up with one called Crackle where fans can see 1o films from the distribution …

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Terror Films Acquires The Rights To Marvin Choi’s ‘A Knight’s Tour

Indie distributor Terror Films has acquired the worldwide rights to the feature debut of Marvin Choi’s post-apocalyptic film, A Knight’s Tour. The film stars Darnel Powell (Gunshot) and Joseph Price (Forgotten Sunset). The film is available now on digital. Synopsis: In a post-apocalyptic world, J.D. (Darnel Powell) is a young …

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Terror Films Unleashes Its 2020 Slate

Terror Films is rolling out their list of movies for 2020 that are guaranteed to delight every horror fan! The releases include everything from possession, back-stabbing friends, agoraphobia, Faustian promises, vampires selling narcotics, crazy intruders, killer animals, an anthology and much more. The slate will include the following: Hell House …

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