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Surprises’ New Music Video Utilizes Campy, B-Movie Horror Footage

Surprises, the Brooks Paschal solo project, recently debuted a new music video for the track “I Can’t See You Em.” Paschal fronts beloved 00’s emo group Sullivan. The video incorporates clips from old B horror movies, and tells the story of “the inescapability of anxiety.” It’s pretty badass…the music AND the video! It premiered recently on Dread Central, but we’ve got it for you right there.

Check it out!

About Surprises’ “I Can’t See You Em”

Brooks told Dread Central:

“My main objective was to capture the inescapability of anxiety. I knew that I didn’t want to make a traditional music video in that the performance had to be part of the landscape. I wanted the viewer/listener to feel that I was trapped in whatever space I was in. So I had the idea of using the old footage while watching Kingdom of the Spiders (read our retro review here). There was something that was authentic and completely unrepeatable about it. A director buddy of mine pointed me to I watched hours of footage to find the moments that really sold the recklessness of the song. The one thing I noticed looking back was the commonality of the shots I chose despite the different decades of the footage. There was a cohesion that made me believe in the song more and hopefully will give folks another reason to listen/watch.”

“I Can’t See You Em” is the first track from the new LP “Natural Disaster.” Available now from Spartan Records here!

Brooks Paschal

Great concept! Lots of cool, old horror footage in that video. How many movies do you recognize? Be sure to follow Brooks and Surprises on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

What do you think? Do you dig the song? Will you snag a copy of the vinyl? Tell us in the comments!

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