HorrorPack July
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Summertime Horror: HorrorPack July 2019 Unboxing

Hey, everybody! We are back again with one of our favorite horror subscription boxes, HorrorPack! It only took six months, but we are finally caught up with the *almost* current month. If you missed our double May/June 2019 unboxing, go ahead and check that out first. I adored the July DVD and Blu-ray boxes, and I was super impressed with their choices. Check out the HorrorPack July 2019 unboxing video below, and then read on as we go over the films!


We want to send a huge thank you to HorrorPack for sending these boxes our way to unbox for you! If you didn’t know, HorrorPack is a subscription service that sends four DVDs or Blu-rays right to your door every month, and they are chock full of spooky scary stuff. Let’s see what HorrorPack July 2019 offered.

The DVDs

HorrorPack July
Photo by DD Crowley

Shrooms (2007) – Touted as “Blair Witch on acid,” this film promises a lot of fun and scares. Six people take a vacation to the Irish woods, partaking in some psychedelic mushrooms and listening to some scary stories. It turns out that what they tell may not be only stories as weird things happen and people start going missing. If that sounds scary, just remember, they are also flying on mushrooms, so it’s not a fun trip in more ways than one.

The Hive (2008) – Picnics aren’t the only thing that ants will ruin in this movie. When ants take over an entire island, a specialized team is called in to handle the six-legged killers. It turns out that maybe the ants themselves aren’t running the show, but something more sinister is.

The Lullaby (2017 – read our review here) – Motherhood isn’t easy, doubly so when you are a very young mother. That’s what happens to the lead in The Lullaby. As she struggles with a new baby, she also deals with the prospect that something is after her and her son. Is the danger real, or is it a bad case of postpartum depression?

Severance (2006) – Just when you though working a 9-5 sucked as it it, they created team-building retreats. And, just when you thought THOSE weren’t bad enough, you find out that something at the retreat wants to hunt you down. When a group of salespeople try to bond in a company-mandated gathering in the woods, it seems the best team-building exercise might be trying to survive.

The Blu-rays

HorrorPack July
Photo by DD Crowley

Livestream (2018) – When video game livestreamer Scott gets sent a horror game by an anonymous fan, he is ready to play it. Instead of the scary indie game he was hoping for, he gets nine levels of hell that he has to fight through if he wants to survive.

Dead Again In Tombstone (2017) – It’s all you never knew you wanted in a horror movie: Danny Trejo, Jake Busey and necromancy, all in a Western setting. This sequel sees Guerrero reanimated once again to stop a relic from getting into the wrong hands.

The Hallow (2015 – read our review here) – We have another Ireland-based horror film in the HorrorPack July 2019 unboxings! Here we have a film about a family that moves to Ireland so a piece of land can be surveyed, an action that inadvertently wakes up a horde of demons set on destroying them.

The Mind’s Eye (2015) – Two people are born with supernatural powers, but when a doctor learns of their abilities, he captures them to keep them prisoner. When they escape, the doctor will not stop until he has the powers for his own nefarious uses.

That’s all for the HorrorPack July 2019 unboxing! We did it! We finally caught up, and it feels so good. You can shop the HorrorPack subscription box options HERE, and if you like horror movies and like seeing new titles that you may not have experienced, then this is most definitely the subscription box for you. Make sure you use code POPHORROR for $3 off your first month! Keep an eye on PopHorror, because we have a TON more coming your way.

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