‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Has Officially Wrapped, Release Date Announced!

The Netflix Original series Stranger Things blew the world away with its quirky cast of kids, science fiction vibe, and eighties nostalgia. Everyone and their brother was talking about this show! I remember seeing the trailer being advertised on Netflix and I thought to myself, “Well, here is a show that will be right up my alley!” Now, fans are breathlessly awaiting the release of season 2. As luck would have it, the word is out that filming has finally wrapped! Will season 2 be everything we hope for and more?!

Millie Bobby Brown, whom plays the magically mysterious Eleven, recently took to her Instagram account to keep fans in the loop about the progress of the second season. She captioned one photo recently with new co-star Sadie Sink as follows:

“Last night of shooting. Sadie I love you with all my heart. Finn thank you for making me laugh! Gaten, thank you for being there for me throughout everything. Caleb, my older brother thank you for protecting me no matter what! And Noah, thank you for being my partner in crime. Can’t wait for everyone to see this season as it’s epic! This wouldn’t have happened without the crew!”

It sounds like the cast has an absolute blast while working! Not to mention, they are always posting fun and silly photos together. That is what I would call team work! The cast even picked up the SAG Award for Best Ensemble in a Drama Series. Now that filming of Stranger Things season 2 is complete, fans just have to wait a tad longer for the official release on Netflix. October 31, 2017 is the day, my friends. So, be sure to stock up on Eggo waffles because it will be breakfast time by the time you get done binging this show!

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