“Stranger Things” Love From Doug the Pug

If you don’t follow Doug the pug, then you don’t know what you’re missing. Self-styled as The King of Pop Culture, Doug the pug has his dewclaw on the pulse of everything that’s trendy, and comments on everything from Harry Potter and Netflix to his own rapper lifestyle. Yes, Doug is a dog, but he’s a dog that knows what’s up. Go to his website and you’ll find he has dipped his paws into all kinds of social media. He has an account on Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Twitter and YouTube. He even has his own merch. So it’s no surprise to find that Doug the pug has not only stumbled upon Netflix’s most popular horror series to date, Stranger Things, but is also a fan. The passion for the show was so strong in Doug the pug that he made his own rendition of the series, complete with costumes, props and backgrounds. Check it out!

It’s breathtaking!

He even does Barb! This is the best parody of the show so far, at least from what I’ve seen. Doug nails each character perfectly. His mannerisms are spot on, even for the girls. You can see the pain in Eleven’s eyes as she lies in the pool of salt water and the desperation on the face of Joyce as she stares longingly into the lettered Christmas lights.

I don’t know about you guys, but this four-year-old acting savant may just become the youngest Academy Award winner in the history of the Oscars. His Nashville, Tennessee neighbors will beam with pride, just at the mention of his name. I, along with his other six million followers, will wait with baited breath for awards night. There will most certainly be repeat visits to the TODAY Show, Good Morning, America and The Doctors. Yet can an Oscar beat out the Best Dressed prize at the World Dog Awards 2016? I guess it depends on what kind of squeaky toy it comes with.

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